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X Grid

This casual numbers game is easy to learn and highly addictive.

Samuel's Quest

Platformer game in early development.

Dawn of Days

My first attempt at a browser RPG. Still in early in development, but you can make a character.

Why did I decide to try my hand at game development?

A better question might be: What took me so long?

Ever since I was a little kid, I have been enamored by video games. From my first visit to an arcade, when I was too short to reach the joystick, and on into my adult life, I have found few pleasures in life that rival a good game. I have always harbored the notion that I would eventually like to make my own games.

Eventually is now.

This site will serve as a testbed for my experimental dabbling in the game development arena. Stay tuned for updates…

Andy Thayer

Andy's Game Lab

Are you game?

Give one of my games a try.

X Grid 1 and 2 are complete games. They have fully fleshed out levels, beginnings, middles, and ends, and they even have scoreboards. As of this writing, they are the only two games I’ve finished.

The others are still “projects in the works”. Some I’ll peck away at and eventually finish, others I might just leave as demos. Consider them the equivalent of me sitting down at a nice comfy office chair, in front of two big glowing monitors riddled with code, cracking my knuckles, and figuring out how in the heck the sausage gets made.

A Box, A Nose, A Journey

This demo shows off the first two levels of a puzzle game I’m calling ABANAJ, A Box, A Nose, A Journey. It’s the first experience (it’s really too bare-bones to call a “game”) I’ve produced using Unity, and for that reason it’s something of a landmark.

While I was coding it I kept telling my friends that I was drawing inspiration from the likes of Lolo, Zelda 1 dungeons, and Gauntlet, though I’m not sure if the end product really resembles any of them. It’s simple and short, and I might get around to carving out a full game from what I’ve started here.

Supports gamepad or keyboard controls (ARROW keys to navigate, END key to pause).

Bug Storm

This is my first crack at tower defense, and I think what I’ve got so far is actually pretty fun. I had some help with the artwork for the bugs and the towers (thank you, anonymous friend). Ever since I first played Desktop Tower Defense I’ve been a sucker for this genre. I wish I could say it played a lot like Defender’s Quest (the epitome of TD excellence, IMHO), but it probably draws more from Flash Element.

This game was built in Construct 2, and controls entirely via mouse input.

X Grid

This is my take on strategy and number games — I’m told it’s an addicting game. It’s a casual math game that calls on players to take well-calculated risks. Carefully make your way though a field of numbers as the odds become increasingly stacked against you. Figure out how bonuses and items work and become a master of the Grid!

Dawn of Days

I grew up on Final Fantasy, Dungeons & Dragons, and Phantasy Star. It’s always been a dream of mine to some day create an RPG that hearkens back to the good old days, when the genre was still finding it’s way, nothing was set in stone, and 8-bit graphics were all we knew.

Dawn of Days could some day be that game, but at this point it’s not much more than a proof of concept. There are a few zones to explore; there’s a simple inventory system, and the rough draft of a combat system. So go ahead and make a character and explore The Woods of Thaden a bit, but be forewarned – there isn’t much by way of story or continuity yet.

Samuel’s Quest

This was the first game I made using Construct 2, and I never got around to finishing it. There is enough fleshed out to explore the first few areas of the game and experience the core mechanics.

Use the SPACE bar and ARROW keys to navigate.